A Center for Counseling and Human Development


Psychotherapy for individuals, couples, family and groups – Integrated psychotherapy using experiential, cognitive and expressive techniques to assist in the healing therapeutic process. 

Body-centered psychotherapy - Bioenergetic analysis opens the energetic processes of the body to a renewed state of aliveness.  The more alive one is, the more energy.  This powerful therapeutic process helps the person regain full aliveness and emotional well-being by working with the mind and body.

Brainspotting – A focused treatment method used to identify, process and release core neuropsychological sources of trauma, emotional/body pain and a variety of challenging symptoms.  Uses biolateral sound in the healing process.

Hypnotherapy – Use of various hypnotic techniques to help the individual on a subconscious level.  These states of altered consciousness allow relaxation and stress relief and can be used to help alleviate addictive behaviors.

Fellow of the Gremlin Tamingtm Institute TM - Master Coach, trained in the Gremlin Taming method TM by Rick Carson.

Fees reflect training and experience.


Couples Workshops - Provide couples w/an opportunity to learn more about their partner from a developmental and holistic perspective.  Gives insight into areas for growth and harmony in the relationship.

Coaching - When the same thing keeps happening over and over, coaching can provide a way out of the old patterns and development of new and healthier lifestyle practices.  Life coaching for interpersonal communication includes couples communication, expressive arts, building self esteem and personal confidence.

Weekend Retreats – Expressive arts weekend retreats for women provide opportunities for emotional growth and development.

Therapist and Intern Training Groups for CE credit (LPC and LMFT) -  These training groups provide ongoing training interaction with professionals to improve your therapeutic skills and earn CE credit at the same time.


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